The family

The Furlan family

Founded in the thirties by grandfather Amadio

Furlan winery has an old and important family tradition in wine-making. Founded in the thirties by grandfather Amadio and strengthened by his son Pietro, it is now living, thanks to the efforts of his grandchildren Amedeo, Alberto and Moreno, moments of important changes, opening of new markets and a total commitment to productions of quality. Prosecco Conegliano – Valdobbiadene and Manzoni, from the name of the oenological school professor, are the two autochtonal and leading wines that Furlan winery wants not only to promote but also to safeguard.

The Furlan family

The passion for the vine and for wine

The mild weather and the exposure to the sun of these vine slopes make them, together with love for vine and wine, an important visiting card for the ones who want to visit us. One of the latest aims of Furlan brothers is the opening of a new business: the agriturismo, available for the pleasure of our customers.

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